Posted by: Rickey Alterman | September 19, 2013

We Are Our Thoughts

We all are the living examples of the habits we have acquired from birth to the present.  We see people we may admire or respect and imitate some gesture or other nuance we think is a good trait to emulate.  We have indoctrinated these perceived traits into our personalities to better accommodate our feelings of self worth. We are many personalities combined in a single individual. A culmination, if you will, of past experiences we have deemed appropriate to represent who we are.

Our position in life is the result of the actions we take based on the information we have at this point in our lives. If we want different results we need new information. Here’s the problem; we are in the information age. In a moment I can find out about anything I desire. But where is it coming from? Is it opinion? We all have an opinion based on what we think we know. If the information fits our current perspective then we think of it as true. This is one of the limitations of our thinking. The problem arises when we accept logic or hearsay as fact. Chris Brady, author of Launching a Leadership Revolution says, “We don’t know what we don’t know. We forgot a lot of what we did know, and what we think we do know mostly isn’t so.” This is so true.

The point I’m trying to make here is that we need to look at the results. If we truly want to have different results we need to define what those are. The second habit from the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey states, “Start with the end in mind”. Once we have this picture of the result we want, the next step is to find someone who has those results. “Has is the key word here. It’s not who says how to get the results. If you don’t have the results then your opinion doesn’t count.

The final step is to follow, copy, listen, and learn from the person that has the desired result you’re looking for in your life. Should they be willing to tutor, mentor or coach you, then you are truly blessed. This will save you the most valuable asset you have; time. If they cannot make this possible, perhaps they have put their success into print or some guidelines to be followed. Success principals are like ingredients for cookie dough. Regardless of the order of the ingredients, you’re going to get cookie dough. If you use success principals, you will always get success. The results are always the same. How you use them is of no consequence.

This saying is one of my favorites,

Methods are many;
Principles are few;
Methods can change;
Principles never do.

To sum this all up I would say that we all need some kind of new information to move us from who we are to who we’re called to be. All of us have a deep seated passion to be great. To be recognized and leave a legacy. For myself I want my life to have meaning that will survive beyond the lasting of my headstone. I would certainly want to be known for more than a slab of granite with  two dates and a dash.  If I have not lived for greatness I am guilty of robbing everyone of the knowing the best me I could be.

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